J Prince Net Worth Updated 2023

As of 2023, J Prince Net Worth is estimated to be $ 25 Million. James Prince is an American Business man who earned his net worth from his company Rap-a-Lot Records.

J Prince Net Worth

If you’re interested in knowing how much money J Prince has, you’re in the right place. We’ve listed down his biographical details, dating and relationship records, and estimated his net worth for you. You can also read about his lifestyle and car collection, and see how much he spends on monthly expenses.

J Prince Net Worth 2023

J Prince Net Worth $25 Million
Age 58 years
Nationality American
Career Businessman, Music executive,  Investor, Entrepreneur,

James Prince Early Life

James Prince’s net worth is estimated to be over $25 million. As a child, he was poor, but has worked hard to overcome his circumstances. He lives in a million dollar home in Los Angeles, which has five bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms. The property also includes an outdoor fireplace. His other notable possessions include a Mercedes Benz and several other branded vehicles.

After completing high school, J. Prince was hired by Colonial Savings and Loan, but was laid off two years later. He went on to sell bucket cars as a side job and eventually started his own business, Smith Auto Sales. This company’s main clients were athletes and other wealthy individuals. The young Prince was able to save up more than $100,000 by the time he was twenty-one. He later bought a ranch in Texas and a house for his mother.

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Rap-a-lot Records

The rapper J Prince has a net worth of $25 million. Before starting his career as a rapper, he worked as a car salesman. He owned Smith Auto Sales in Shepherd, Texas. In addition, he owned a house for his mother and a 30-acre ranch. He also earned money by selling hay and birds.

Rap-a-lot Records and J Prince’s net worth mainly comes from his business endeavors. He has a considerable net worth, estimated to be $25 million in 2023. Rap-a-lot Records is a music production company based in Houston, Texas. J Prince was born on October 31, 1964. He was the son of a single mother, Sharon Johnson. The couple had two children within a year of each other. J Prince grew up in the Fifth Ward of Houson, Texas. He played football at Kashmere High School and worked odd jobs, including welding trucks.

1,000-acre Texas ranch

Millionaire J. Prince has a thousand-acre Texas ranch and several luxurious homes around the country. His penthouse in Houston’s Upper Kirby district boasts opulent finishes. The ranch is home to a herd of Angus cattle and generates more than $200,000 in annual revenue. In addition, he owns a personal island in Belize.

Prince is also a visionary. He has interests in several industries, including the production of Loyalty Wines and the Prince Boxing Complex, a multi-million dollar recreation center. The complex is situated in a Houston neighborhood that was once home to enslaved Africans.

Penthouse in Houston

J Prince, a multi-millionaire from the Houston area, lives in an extravagant penthouse in Upper Kirby, Texas. His luxury residence is equipped with high-end finishes and modern furnishings. The views from the penthouse are simply breathtaking. The man also owns an island in Belize.

During his early years, J Prince held many jobs. He was a car salesman, worked as a manager, and was a businessman. He eventually started Smith Auto and Sales, which specializes in exotic cars. In 2007, he was honored by the mayor of Houston for his philanthropic efforts.

Philanthropic work

Prince is also well-known for his philanthropic work. His foundations, including the Care-A-Lot Foundation, have helped causes that benefit disadvantaged communities. He has a recreation center for the city of Houston and launched a charity campaign called Strapped to fight with the growing problem of AIDS in the black community.

J Prince’s net worth is estimated to be around $25 million. He founded his own record label Rap-a-Lot Records in 1986 and has been involved in the Houston rap scene for the last 20 years.


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