Waseem Akram Net Worth 2023

Waseem Akram is a former Pakistani cricketer who is widely regarded as one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time. He was born on June 3, 1966, in Lahore, Pakistan. Akram made his debut for the Pakistan national cricket team in 1984 and went on to play for the team for almost 20 years.

Early Life

Akram was born into a family of cricketers, with his father and two brothers also playing the sport at a high level. He was interested in cricket from a young age and started playing the sport seriously when he was in school. He was a talented all-rounder who could bat and bowl, but it was his left-arm fast bowling that set him apart.


Akram’s international career began in 1984 when he made his debut for Pakistan in a one-day international against New Zealand. He quickly established himself as a talented fast bowler, and  in 1985, he became the youngest player to take 50 test wickets. He was a crucial member of the Pakistan team that won the 1992 Cricket World Cup, and his performances in the tournament earned him the player of the match award in the final.

Akram’s career was not without controversy, however. He was accused of match-fixing in 1999, along with several other members of the Pakistan team. While he denied any wrongdoing, he was fined and banned from cricket for a period of time.

Despite the controversy, Akram’s career was filled with remarkable achievements. He took more than 900 wickets in international cricket, making him one of the most successful fast bowlers of all time. He was also a skilled batsman and scored more than 3,000 runs in both test cricket and one-day internationals.

Awards and Achievements

Akram’s career was filled with awards and achievements. He was named the Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1993, and he was also named the player of the match in the 1992 Cricket World Cup final. He was named the Pakistani cricketer of the year twice in 1990 and 1996.

Akram was also a successful captain, leading Pakistan to victory in the 1999 Asian Test Championship. He retired from international cricket in 2003, but he continued to play domestic cricket for a few more years. He also became a successful commentator and analyst, and he has worked for a number of media outlets.

Net Worth

Waseem Akram’s net worth is estimated to be around $23 million. A large part of his wealth comes from his career as a cricketer, where he earned millions in salaries, match fees, and sponsorships. He also has a number of business ventures, including a clothing line and a stake in a Pakistani television channel.


Waseem Akram is one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time. He had a long and successful career as a player and captain, and he won numerous awards and achievements. Despite some controversy in his career, he is widely regarded as a legend of the sport, and his legacy in cricket is secure.



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